Best of Houzz 6 Consecutive Years

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"The features of the house were well showcased and we had confidence in asking a high price per square foot for our neighborhood. Selling a home is a large business transaction with details the average homeowner has little expertise in...With her (Mindy's) help we were able to sell our house quickly and for full asking price." - B&KE
(With multiple offers.)
"My family worked with Mindy to not just stage a house for residential sale but to create an experience for potential buyers. Mindy knows how to draw a buyer's eye toward the absolute best selling features. The time and investment led to contract offers within 10 days of listing and highest selling price point per square foot in the neighborhood to date." - KP
"...her help combined with a fantastic real estate agent got us the maximum amount for our house in just 2 days! Mindy is worth every penny of her fee and more as she goes well beyond to create the best staging of a house. Focused, flexible and superlative. Thank-you, Mindy!" - BH
"OMG not enough word space here! Mindy takes you from "nice house" to "wow amazing"... she's serious about what she does and how she approaches her client's needs. She is more than just an advisor, she is a true specialist in her field."
Linda DeVlieg, Keller Williams Realty
"Mindy helped us sell our house in just 4 days! Her advice was spot-on, and professionally offered. We appreciated her attention to detail, and the time she invested in each phase of the staging process. It isn't always easy making decisions about where to spend money on preparing your home to sell - Mindy really helped us fine tune our plans, and we are very happy with the results." - JS
"Mindy has a big picture view of what the potential BUYERS are looking for; her flair makes the HUGE difference in getting to SOLD!!! She is WORTH the investment for her services."
Paul & Judy Wilson, EXP Realty
"There's an old saying, "Ignorance is bliss". Working with you (Mindy) provided the artistic and creative sense that we needed. And now that we have used you, only now can we fully appreciate the value of working with an experienced professional. That is something we could not have experienced unless we sought your help. Fence-sitters will be pointed your way!" - K&SF